Magadh Laung


Laung is also known as Clove.One of my favourite winter spices, cloves are often pushed to the edge of your plate. They are mostly used to flavour dishes but seldomly eaten whole. But if you’d know about their impressive qualities, you’d agree they deserve more attention.

Looking back, cloves were probably first used by Chinese emperors to hide bad breath. Over the years, cloves grabbed a prominent place in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda to treat nausea, digestive disorders and flu. The clove tree which is native to Indonesia bears dry, aromatic flower buds which are used as a spice. These unopened, pink buds are picked and dried till they turn brown. They can be used whole or ground. When cooked or soaked in water, they tend to become soft and flavourful. Cloves have a long shelf life and this flowering spice will last you almost a year if stored away from light and moisture. Powered cloves tend to lose their flavour faster.