Sattu: A Brand Product of our Company

Sattu is a flour from the indianSub-continent consisting of a mixture of ground pulse and Cereal. The dry powder is prepared in various ways as a principal or secondary ingredient of dishes.

Sattu is used in regional cuisine to varying degrees. InBihar,Uttar Pradesh,Uttrakhand Punjab and Delhi, the use of sattu is extensive in various dishes. In Bihar, it is commonly served cold as a savory drink as a porridge or soft dough. 

 I learnt about this amazing drink made of roasted gram flour or what is popularly called in Northern India as “Sattu”. One of the participants in my session enlightened me about a drink made from ‘Sattu’ that the locals drink, that keeps them high on energy and healthy through the hot summer months.

I learnt of the health benefits of this drink that has been famous to states in the North of India for generations and used as a natural cure for several diseases as well as a high value, nutrient dense staple food. I picked up several packets of Sattu to bring back with me. What got my interest levels up were the keywords – Protein, Calcium, Fiber, Iron and Magnesium. Sattu has it all.

This is my new protein shake or better still, health drink. 4 tbsp with water OR chaas (buttermilk) sometimes I add pepper, sometimes, roasted cumin (jeera) and sometimes cinnamon. 20 grams of protein. I have one in the morning and one post work out, sometimes even another one as a mid-evening snack, because this glass of ‘Sattu’ fills you up and provides you more than sufficient protein.

You feel lighter, more toned, less bloated (some whey proteins cause temporary bloating) and you know what’s in your glass, unlike the numerous ingredients that you may not even understand on the jar of a whey protein. The person at the stall also said you can add jaggery to make it sweet. It’s an excellent summer drink, extremely cooling for the body.

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